What is Language Explorers?

Language Explorers is a fun and engaging intercultural programme focused on language as a tool to explore linguistic diversity in the classroom and to raise important questions about how languages work and how we use them.
Since establishing the programme, more than 1000 children have taken part in workshops in primary schools, libraries and at public events such as Africa Day, Probe and Kaleidoscope Festival.

But I don’t speak any foreign language!
Every activity is an exploration in how language works, so anyone can get stuck into our games, riddles and creative activities. We don’t teach foreign languages, but we combine our experience with the knowledge and creativity of the children to examine similarities and differences between sounds, words and ways people communicate.


Why do we need more languages anyway? Can’t we just get on with English and Irish?
Our society is becoming increasingly multilingual and more and more children are growing up speaking at least two languages.
Language Explorers allows those children to make use of all the languages they know, even if they only know a few words. Our approach is based on the discovery of how language works, what patterns are common across languages and how language can help us to learn more about others.
These are essential elements for the development of language awareness, which is an essential milestone in literacy development throughout the school cycle.
Learning to understand that there are many languages spoken in Ireland and that each one of them has an important role in other people’s life is also a key to foster intercultural dialogue and to learn to respect and value diversity.


Who we are


Francesca La Morgia

Francesca is the founder of Mother Tongues. She has lectured in universities in the UK and Ireland for over 10 years. Francesca believes that children have a natural curiosity for language and she enjoys creating and playing language activities for children of all ages.
charlotte petit

Charlotte Petit

Charlotte worked for 10 years as a speech and language therapist in France, mainly with children and especially in the disability area.
She believes that an emotional connection between children and their heritage language is the best way to bring them on the bilingualism path.


Aga Pędrak

Aga studied languages and communication in Poland and Germany before moving to Ireland, where she works as a Polish teacher at supplementary schools and runs a blog on the maintenance of the Polish language in the context of migration. 


Elena Cristofanon

Elena loves giving shape to interesting ideas. She is behind the creative side of Mother Tongues. She has put together the Language Explorers activity book in 2018 and is designing the new activities for the LE programme. Elena has also designed this website.


Claudia Kunkel

Claudia is a speech and language therapist and German teacher. She loves children’s creativity and their interest in exploring the world.  She loves observing teacher’s amazement when they hear a child speak their mother tongue for the first time in class!