What is Language Explorers?

language_explorersLanguage Explorers is Mother Tongues’ award-winning language awareness initiative for primary and secondary schools. Language Explorers activities are designed to raise awareness of linguistic diversity in the classroom and in the community and to promote an interest in language learning.

The goals of Language Explorers are:

  • to encourage children to embrace all languages positively
  • to nurture children’s understanding of linguistic diversity in the classroom and in the community they live in
  • to enable children to build on prior knowledge and experience of language and language learning
  • to encourage children of different languages and cultures to be proud of and to share their heritage.

Through interactive games, art making, singing, storytelling and story writing, children become aware of their own language abilities and learn something new about each other and about the people who live in their local communities.

Mother Tongues deliver Language Explorers Workshops all over Ireland.
We also provide training for teachers who want to implement this approach in their own school. You can also print out activities to try out in your class.