Book you Language Explorers experience!

Do you have a class where children speak different languages? Do you teach a group of curious children who are keen to meet people from all over the world, hear their stories and open up their minds? Then you are ready to host a Language Explorer!

Our facilitators are native speakers of Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Swahili, Xhosa, French, Spanish, Portuguese and many other languages! They bring their knowledge of their own language, as well as their ability to engage classes in the exploration of the languages spoken by pupils through games and activities that are fun and engaging. 

A typical session lasts about 60 to 90 minutes. Children get to hear about the facilitator’s story, some facts about the place they come from and about their mother tongue. Most facilitators are artists and/or qualified school teachers from abroad, and they all have plenty of experience working with children and working in Irish schools.

Depending on the facilitators’ skills and interests, the sessions can range from rap writing, to painting, from singing and storytelling to architecture and model making. They are designed to complement the Primary Language Curriculum goals and they focus on the celebration of linguistic and cultural diversity.

All the activities, games and stories are aimed at encouraging children to use their own mother tongue, as well as Irish and English, and to learn something new about the languages spoken by the children in their class. 

We do our best to match your class with a facilitator from a linguistic background of your choice.

We recommend booking a minimum of three sessions for the children to get to know the facilitator and to reap the benefit of the use of the mother tongue at school. The three sessions could take place over three consecutive weeks or three months.

Do you want to see examples from local classrooms? Have a look at these three videos, which show some of our activities in different schools in Dublin.

Price per group (max 40 children, includes one Language Explorers book)

Single workshop: € 290

Two workshops: € 520

Three workshops: € 690

Every time you book a Language Explorers workshop, your school receives a 10% discount on teacher training.

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