Building an intercultural programme for schools, a professional development opportunity


On Saturday 16 November 2019 Chester Beatty will hold a continuing professional development day for teachers interested in intercultural education.
The CPD features a presentation from Mother Tongues director Dr Francesca La Morgia, who will talk about the Language Explorers project and will describe how teachers can embrace a plurilingual approach in the classroom and how they can use the Chester Beatty collection to build on the pupils’ multilingualism.
Some of the activities in the Language Explorers book were developed by Jenny Siung, head of education at Chester Beatty and they are inspired by some of the objects from the Chester Beatty collection.

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Outline of the day

10.45-11 am Registration

11-11.30 am Welcome and context:
– The Intercultural Schools Project – an introduction to the project.
– The Chester Beatty and its role/mission statement.
– What the research highlighted in the course of the project and why this project is needed.

11.30-12.15 pm Methodologies: What is object based learning? What are the benefits of using this tool in your practice especially in the classroom? Introduction to Chester Beatty and other museum objects

12.15-1.00 pm Visual thinking strategies: What are visual thinking strategies? How to use these in group activities?
Permission to Wonder: Introduction to school’s project with Liz Coman, Assistant Arts Officer, Dublin City Council

1.00-1.45pm Lunch

1.45-2.30 pm Workshop: Explore new Chester Beatty gallery trails and tours for teachers and educators

2.30-3.00 pm Mother Tongues: Francesca La Morgia will talk about how to use museum collections for multi-lingual teaching in school

3.00-3.45 pm Project partners: Importance of collaboration with the formal education sector and museums

3.45-4pm Reflection & evaluation: Taking ideas into the classroom

4 pm Finish

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