Online meeting of heritage language teachers

In November 2019 we had our second heritage language conference and agreed to meet during 2020 to share experiences and have a community of practice for teachers of heritage language schools.The first meeting was planned for March, but due to current restrictions, we have decided to move that online using Zoom. On 7th April at Read More

Calling all language explorers!

Attention adults! Here is a competition to keep your language explorers occupied for a while and the prize is really cool! The idea is simple: fill out the language passport.You can print out our passport or make up your own.We have it available in English and Irish, so children can work on both! If you have a Read More

Our multilingual city

It is very common nowadays to walk around any city or large town in Ireland and hear many different languages. Main streets are populated with road signs in Irish and English and with shop fronts that signal the presence of ethnic food, with signs written in Chinese, Arabic and Polish. We often pass by signs Read More