Stand with refugees: a reading list for children

Stand with refugees: a reading list for children To mark World Refugee Day, each year UNHCR and Children’s Books Ireland partner with libraries and bookshops across the country in encouraging people to buy or borrow a book about refugees. Using this specially curated book list, readers have a wide selection of stories from around the Read More

UNESCO International Literacy Prizes 2020

UNESCO International Literacy Prizes 2020 This year’s focus of the UNESCO International Literacy is on ‘Teaching and learning literacy: The role of educators and changing pedagogies’. The deadline for submitting a candidature to the nominating entities is set on 28 June 2020. The deadline for the nominating entities to submit nominations is set on Sunday 12 July 2020. Read More

Home languages and home learning: Supports for Multilingual Families

During this long period away from school families are at home together working, learning and managing as best they can in difficult circumstances. Some multilingual families can find it especially difficult to navigate the learning needs of their children in English or Irish medium schools and using their own mother tongues at home.  In collaboration Read More