It’s Language Fortnight at Citywest Educate Together!

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If you are looking to celebrate your school’s linguistic diversity in a fun and engaging way, here is a wonderful example of how to use and showcase the children’s knowledge of languages other than English. While we are all teaching and learning at a distance, it is important to value all the learning taking place at home in English as well other languages.

Citywest Educate Together’s Language Fortnight is a good example of how to have a virtual Language Fortnight. The school, which is located in Dublin, is encouraging pupils and their families to spend time speaking their mother tongue every day. The pupils who are only using English at home are encouraged to learn a new language.

From tongue twisters in Tamil, to stories and Poems in Portuguese and Bengali, to mini lessons in Yoruba and Spanish, the school page offer lots to learn about languages and their speakers. And what’s great about it is that the teachers are the children themselves!

Check out the activities and the videos on the Citywest ET page

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